SiteBlox is with you every step of the way.

SaaS CMS for Marketers

You need a website + web content management.

In a marketer’s world, we know that timing is everything. When new news hits, you can’t wait on the IT department, an outside vendor or anyone else’s schedule to get the information on your site and out to potential customers. And with SiteBlox, you don’t have to.  

SiteBlox is your solution.

Through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, SiteBlox allows non-technical users to create and post content with ease. Our flexible, feature-rich solution puts the control into your hands. It’s designed for marketers to support custom websites that include rich media, social media, commerce, events, portals and web2.0 features.

With the SiteBlox platform, you are in control of your content.

  • Publish blogs, events and product information
  • Link documents and images
  • Run your commerce site
  • Manage portal sites
  • Manage event registration (with or without payments)
  • Include photos and videos with integration to Flickr and YouTube
  • Review analytics
  • Improve your SEO with meta-tagging
  • Review changes in a full website preview
  • Control your brand with publishing workflows
  • Manage multiple sites from the same web CMS interface
  • Run campaigns
  • Capture leads
  • Publish sites in multiple languages 
SiteBlox.  Better CMS.  Better Results.

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Privacy Policy

SiteBlox wants you to feel totally comfortable using our sites and software, so our privacy policy is very simple: when you use a SiteBlox website or software application, we will not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information, unless there is a clear opt-in to do so.

Use of Communications

We value and encourage open communications and welcome feedback on our products. Therefore if you decide to email us personally identifiable information (such as your name, email address, information about you or any other content that you may send to us) via our site, we may retain your communication and will only share its content with third parties if compelled to do so by competent courts. We won't spam you or sell this information.

Site Analytics

SiteBlox does use a site analytics service that allows us to monitor how people are using our site. While this analytics software does track the IP address of a user, it does not associate that IP address with any other data on the site. We use this software purely to see where users of the site are coming from and to monitor site usage at various times of the day. All of this is so that we may provide enhanced services in the future.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

SiteBlox is committed to protecting your privacy and we'll keep looking for new ways to do that. SiteBlox reserves the right to revise the policy as it sees fit from time to time.