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You need a corporate site + local sites.  

You need brand standards and consistency.  Your local offices need to manage their own content. You need your corporate and your local sites to be at the top of the search engine rankings.  Your prospective clients need to be able to find you in their local markets. You need to be able to bring up new franchisee sites quickly. You need an intranet to share information with your franchisees, and to allow your franchisees to communicate with each other.  You need a campaign tool to share brand standard campaign materials that your local offices can customize and send via print or eblast.  You need a flexible pricing model that works with a franchise/local model.  You need a fully hosted and supported solution with no IT requirements. 

We offer you a solution – SiteBlox.

SiteBlox is an online software platform specifically developed for the unique challenges faced by franchisors and franchisees. We understand that you need to maintain overall corporate brand standards while also allowing local franchisees to customize for their own market. That’s why SiteBlox tools will adhere to the corporate brand, while allowing each local franchisee controlled local customization.  The SiteBlox for Franchise solution includes a CMS controlled Intranet to let you share news and documents with your franchisees.   A message board is included to allow franchisees to communicate with each other.

A solution without IT complexity.

And SiteBlox is a fully hosted and supported solution with no IT complexities.We also have a flexible pricing model that works well within the franchisee/franchisor model. Discover the SiteBlox solution and how it can help you increase leads and sales for your franchise.

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Read about one of our franchise clients and their SiteBlox solution.

Fitness Together is the world's largest personal training franchise with almost 500 global locations.  We partnered with Fitness Together in 2009 as they were preparing for a major growth phase.  They were facing several challenges. They needed a way for each location to have a web presence with locally controlled content, but they also needed to maintain brand consistency.   They needed all of the sites to be optimized for search results - at the corporate level and the local franchisee level.  They needed a ready-made website solution as they brought up new franchise locations.  They needed an Intranet to be able to communicate with their franchisees - to share documents, news, and training materials.  They needed a way for franchisees to share ideas - via a message board.  They needed a campaign solution to enable the corporate office to release brand standard ad campaigns (both print and eblast) that the local offices could customize with their own dates and prices.  We provided the solution: SiteBlox for Franchise.

"SiteBlox is a fantastic company to partner with. Every request our company has brought to SiteBlox has been met with either a solution or perfect alternative. The collaboration that their team brings to the table cannot be matched, they are always available with creative ideas in technology to fit our needs. Our company searched for [a technology company] for over a year, and we still believe SiteBlox was the right choice. No one else could offer the technical solutions, customization and teamwork SiteBlox has provided for our company."   Katie, Fitness Together

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