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SiteBlox Environmental Policy

SiteBlox.com is committed to doing everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of its service offerings. A few specifics of how we do this:

SiteBlox Green Hosting

SiteBlox.com runs at hosting provider OpSource Cloud, which in turn runs in an NTT America data center that is LEED Gold Certified.  OpSource Cloud's infrastrucure is based on VMWare, which provides for an additional level of green computing.  In addition, NTT America has partnered with TerraPass for carbon offsets.  Finally, SiteBlox has partnered directly with TerraPass for additional levels of carbon offsets.  While no green computing solution is 100% perfect, SiteBlox feels that it is taking a balanced approach for the level of feature, functionality and cost associated with a "Green CMS Solution".

SiteBlox Green Architecture 

The SiteBlox solution is architected from the ground up to be as green as possible. Two main features enable this: 1) The solution is multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, and 2) The solution is designed for clustered computing. With these two features, the SiteBlox team can maximize the number of individual sites that are being hosted on a single set of servers. While many servers may run at 10 to 20% utilization, our servers run at 70 to 80%. In general, a server running at 20% consumes nearly the same amount of power as one running at 80%, so less power is wasted in our model.  This is similar to the idea of carpooling.  It is far more efficient for 4 people to share 1 car than it is for each person to drive their own car. 

The SiteBlox solution is also architected to run in a cloud model on a cluster of virtual machines. This allows us to scale the load handling capability as required. For instance, a given cluster may require 4 server virtual machines during peak daytime hours, but only 2 in the off peak hours.

With the cloud model, we can dynamically scale up and down the number of server instances required to run a given cluster with acceptable performance. Similarly, if you have key "spike" events, we can enable additional server instances in the cluster for those periods of time and then release them when they are no longer needed.

SiteBlox Green Development

Our development management center is powered by a combination of Wind and Solar Power. There is a grid-connected 6KW solar array on the roof coupled with Austin Energy's GreenChoice Wind program. As such, the development center is 100% renewable energy powered. Additionally, there are other energy savings features such as a reflective metal roof and spray-foam insulation on the interior attic spaces to reduce the heating and cooling loss, use of natural light wherever possible, and on-demand hot water heating.

Our development team operates primarily in a virtual mode from several cities.  As such, we have eliminated the need for offices in these cities as well as the need for commuting to and from an office in these cities.  This saves in terms of CO2 emissions, office space energy usage and loss of productivity.

Also, we use software as a service based solutions for things like email, source code control and issue tracking, which means we are not running dedicated servers ourselves for those business functions.  We truly believe that SaaS based solutions are more environmentally friendly than dedicated solutions and that they should be used whenever possible.

Privacy Policy

SiteBlox wants you to feel totally comfortable using our sites and software, so our privacy policy is very simple: when you use a SiteBlox website or software application, we will not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information, unless there is a clear opt-in to do so.

Use of Communications

We value and encourage open communications and welcome feedback on our products. Therefore if you decide to email us personally identifiable information (such as your name, email address, information about you or any other content that you may send to us) via our site, we may retain your communication and will only share its content with third parties if compelled to do so by competent courts. We won't spam you or sell this information.

Site Analytics

SiteBlox does use a site analytics service that allows us to monitor how people are using our site. While this analytics software does track the IP address of a user, it does not associate that IP address with any other data on the site. We use this software purely to see where users of the site are coming from and to monitor site usage at various times of the day. All of this is so that we may provide enhanced services in the future.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

SiteBlox is committed to protecting your privacy and we'll keep looking for new ways to do that. SiteBlox reserves the right to revise the policy as it sees fit from time to time.